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  • Photo of the Day: Art Class
  • Gallery: Jamboree
  • Photo of the Day: Chemistry Club
  • GSA Participates in Pride Festival, March 30
  • Photo of the Day: Bus Driver
  • Photo of the Day: Art Class

    Photo of the Day: Art Class

    Finishing off their portfolios in Intro to Art, freshmen Jake Thomas and Reece Turnbough add color to their drawings. photo by: Kristina Pratt

  • Paper Towns Review

    Paper Towns is a teen drama directed by Jake Schreier starring The Fault in Our Stars’ Nat Wolff, Anna Karenina’s Cara Delevingne, and The Kings of Summer’s Austin Abrams. The movie, based on the novel by John Green, generates some humorous scenes and has an entertaining main plot, however, the […]

  • 8/26/15 Viking Report

    8/26/15 Viking Report The link to the very first Viking Report is posted above.

  • History of the Howell Mascot

    Though many people immediately label Francis Howell as the home of the Vikings, there was one other mascot claimed by Howell prior to the settlement of Scandinavian seafarers in suburban St. Charles. The mascot students of Howell know has been a part of its 134-year history for about 55 years, […]

  • Gallery: Jamboree

    Gallery: Jamboree

      Preparing waterbottles for all of the Howell football team, sophomore Ryley Marcotte works as a sports manager. “I wanted to be a sports manager because I love football and it’s a great way to get involved with the school,” Marcotte said.   After being called off the field in […]

  • Photo of the Day: Chemistry Club

    Photo of the Day: Chemistry Club

    Sophmore Emma Brabham took out her penny from the zinc solution in chemistry club. Chemistry club was doing an experiment to turn a penny into gold. “I left my penny in the fire too long so it bent,” Brabham said. photo by: Kaitlin Truong

  • Alyssa Juris

    After high school, I want to go into journalism. This is my first year on staff.

  • Photo of the Day: Portrait

    Photo of the Day: Portrait

    Senior Megan Fridrich shows viking pride on Spirit week by participating in “What are Those Wednesday” in heeleys. “I really didn’t care if people thought I was weird,” Fridrich said. “It was just a lot of fun and it brought all the seniors together with pride.” photo by: Nathan Schaefer

  • Sara Metzger

    I joined yearbook because I am passionate about writing and wanted to improve my skills. This is my first year on staff.

  • Jamesia Henderson

    This will be my first year on staff after I joined to better understand proper photography on a higher level.