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Matt Nathanson Review

As I walked into The Pageant I was already feeling good vibes with the close-knit and personal feel that concert goers get at one of St. Louis’ best venues, The Pageant. Prior to the concert beginning, I saw the backdrop that accompanied Matt Nathanson on his tour, a large screen […]

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Bastille Review

Abandoning his solo career, singer-songwriter Dan Smith formed the band Bastille. Out of London, Bastille released its debut album Bad Blood in the United States, Sept. 3. With a unique sound and an indie-pop style, Bad Blood is an instant hit. Claiming the number one spot at Alternative Radio for […]

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Red Ribbon Week

Seeing that Red Ribbon Week is approaching, Teens Advocating Smart Choices (TASC) is hosting an event Thursday, Oct. 31 in the auditorium. They are looking to teach students to make good decisions and to deal with difficult decisions properly. They will be having Sergeant Al  Nothum of the Missouri State […]

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Normandy Transfer Update

Frequently Asked Questions about the  Normandy transfer situation 102513_Normandy FAQ option99 http://sizenkenkou.co.jp

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“Fire” Statement

"Fire" Statement

At approximately 2:35 p.m., the fire alarm sounded.   “There was a small fire in a display cabinet near the art hallway,” Dr. Dave Wedlock said.   Two firetrucks showed up from the Cottleville Fire Department. After 10 minutes, people started moving into the C Building to get out of […]

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Normandy Budget Cut

Dear Community, The Normandy School District made some decisions tonight about their budget. One of the decisions is to withhold payment related to the (#MOTransfer) school transfer situation. The Francis Howell School District was not made aware of this information prior to their board meeting. At this time, we do […]

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“Chasing Mavericks” Review

Everyone has seen the typical surf movie with the blonde haired, blue eyed characters with sunkissed skin. Palm trees swaying in the backdrop, while the characters effortlessly surf in the crystal clear waters on some unrealistic make believe tropical island. Picture this: a surf movie without the glitz and the […]

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Choir Students to Metro 8 District Honors Choir

Out of 150 students who auditioned, 14 students from FHHS were chosen to participate  in the Metro 8 District Honors Choir. The participants include seniors Katie Angeli, Brianna McCarter, Austin Snider, Jordan Baner, Brenna Cunningham, Miranda Gater and Allison Hale, juniors Emmy Robertson, Allison  Schult and Emily Scherbring, and sophomores […]

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Senior Ads

Senior Ads

Senior Ads are due Friday, October 25. Please turn them into room D118. ハンナン gss.com.ua/finansy-i-banki/vzyat-kredit

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Vote for Koch

Don’t forget to vote for coach Bryan Koch in the Best High School Coach Competition that ends tomorrow! Vote here クレイトエージェンシー http://rikon-solution.us/

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